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German Partner Nation celebrates National Day with traditional Bivouac

Oct 12 at 12:45pm

Brigadier General Kuhn addresses the
The German Partner Nation at HQ ARRC tonight celebrated their National Day with a traditional German Army Bivouac, attended by scores of guests on a warm October evening.


Normally associated with rustic camping, this Bivouac was very different.  Led by Brigadier General Rheinhard Kuhn, ARRC’s German Senior National Representative, the German contingent were ‘on show’ as they hosted their distinguished guests With fine German beer, traditional German bratwurst and pea soup, and a superb musical repertoire laid on by a Bundeswehr (German Army) band.


The German Bivouac, founded in 1998, was recreated at ARRC's new home, Imjin Barracks, providing the hosts and guests the chance to remember the past, enjoy                                                                                 the present, and toast to the future.


Traditional German band 
Brigadier General Kuhn said he had wanted to "bring at least some German flair to Innworth in order to help maintain this unique multinational ethos."  He added that he hoped the local community, which warmly welcomed the troops, would "continue to support us, particularly those of us who are not used to measuring in feet and inches, driving on the left side of the road, being restricted to speed limits in miles per hours, paying for everyday shopping in pounds and pence, or understanding the importance of the Ashes!"


In response, Commander ARRC, Lieutenant General Sir Richard Shirreff said ARRC's "ethos and capability were laid in Germany", adding:  "I would like to thank our German contingent for the way you have settled into England and for the commitment to our new home shown by you all, together with your wives and families."